Your Free Guide to Equity Release

The Equity Release Scotland Free Guide to Equity Release offers a clear and concise explanation of what equity release is, and how these increasingly popular schemes work.

Get all the facts about equity release and see if it’s something you wish to consider by reading your free equity release guide. You’ll be able to download it straight away and we’ll post one out for you too.

Our Free Equity Release Guide also provides of the many product formats available to people over the age of 55, who are looking to release tax-free cash from their property.

These products include home reversion, lifetime mortgage, drawdown, enhanced, interest-only, partial repayment and roll-up lifetime mortgages.

It also offers an impartial overview as to whether equity release can be right for you. It will guide you through:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of equity release schemes
  • Explain any potential implications on state benefits and tax
  • Learn how any decision could affect your inheritance
  • Explain the steps involved in applying for equity release
  • Where to find further help and advice

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